A network of Quality Language Schools

in Europe and overseas

TANDEM is an international network of language schools in Europe, Canada and Chile. TANDEM language schools distinguish themselves through their high quality and efficiency of teaching, and their friendly atmosphere.

Leader within the language travel market

TANDEM International, a growing association of independent language schools throughout the world, shares with its member schools the purpose of promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding through in-context language learning.

The TANDEM network pursues joint marketing efforts for all its member schools, which take part in the common growth through continued networking, expertise sharing, and language group support. Thus, TANDEM International aims at upholding a leading position within the language travel market.

TANDEM International quality seal

TANDEM International sets high academic and service principles through its Quality Standards, which are adopted by all its member schools. New applicant schools undergo a thorough entry inspection, including administrative, academic, managerial and service aspects. 

TANDEM language exchange

The TANDEM International member schools are characterized for placing special emphasis on cultural integration as part of the language-learning process. Thus, in order to complement the language courses, they offer language exchange partnerships with local native speakers under the TANDEM® method, extra cultural and social activities, and student support to facilitate cultural immersion.

Academic professionalism

The language schools of the TANDEM International network have a selected team of native teachers who hold university degrees and who specialize in foreign language teaching. They also ensure ongoing professional training to the teaching staff.

The schools also adopt a communicative approach in the language courses, which facilitates the language acquisition process.

Ethics policy

Most of the founding member schools of the TANDEM International network are cooperative organizations, with participative decision making as to the management of the school, as well as equitable income distribution.

TANDEM International makes sure that each school upholds employment contracts and payment in accordance with the legal requirements and the regional standards of the school's country.

Customer commitment

TANDEM International places a special emphasis on offering excellent customer care, reflected in its conscientiously-built network of language schools that offer a wide range of language learning possibilities, the personalized service it provides, the quick response to customers' enquiries and feedback, and in the continued academic, technological and service update and innovation.

TANDEM International employs a Quality Manager and Ombudsman to see that the quality standards are met, and that any problem encountered by a TANDEM School customer is investigated and rectified.

Innovative Services

Offering innovative services is an important aspect of customer care, and most TANDEM schools place a special emphasis on developing innovative programs to be combined with the language courses such as cultural experiences, online language learning, preparation for official exams, special visits to local highlights, arts, crafts, dance and cuisine workshops, and outdoor activities.

Environmental Responsibility

TANDEM International supports and encourages its member schools to adopt environmentally friendly actions such as office recycling, purchasing FCS or recycled office supplies whenever possible, booking flights within the Atmosfair program, travelling by bus or train for inland trips, and walking, riding a bike or taking public transport within the city.

Social commitment & International Solidarity

Several of the TANDEM International schools cooperate with social, cultural, and environmental nonprofits, either through donations, by hiring their services rather than those of big companies, by purchasing fair-trade products, or by supporting their actions and projects.