TANDEM Member Schools

Whatever school you choose, at TANDEM language schools you will always find:

•  Small language classes with individual attention
•  Effective language courses taught by qualified and enthusiastic teachers
•  Language courses at all levels
•  Variety of language courses (general, specialised)
•  Extensive cultural and recreational programs
•  TANDEM language-exchange partnerships
•  Accommodation booked by the school
•  Excellent value for money

French courses

in France

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German courses

in Germany

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Italian courses

in Italy

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Spanish courses

in Spain, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

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TANDEM cities in France

Montpellier: cosmopolitan lifestyle in Southern France by the Mediterranean Sea, a meeting point of people and cultures from around the world, with white sand beaches and unique natural parks only a stone’s throw away.

Toulouse: modern technology and mediaeval charm at the crossroads of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, «la ville rose» is a warm and inviting university town in Southern France with year-round public festivals of art, music, dance and language.

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TANDEM cities in Germany

Berlin: Germany's capital, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburg Gate, many museums and cultural offerings.

Bielefeld: university town, the Teutoburg Forest, history (The Thirty Years´ War).

Bremen: Hanseatic town, blend of tradition and modern times, top German soccer team.

Cologne: The «Dom» (Cologne's cathedral), the Rhine, and of course its famous carnival!

Dresden: Saxon metropolis city on the river Elbe, the «Zwinger», baroque architecture.

Frankfurt: Germany's business centre, the Main, the «Römer», apple wine.

Göttingen: historic medieval town, home of literature (The Grimm brothers) and arts.

Hamburg: the harbour, Reeperbahn, modern business city and historic place of trade, arts and music.

Munich: historic town centre, Oktoberfest, Pinakothek, 2 major soccer teams.

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TANDEM cities in Italy

Florence: a magnificent open-air exhibition of art and culture, from the Uffizi to Ponte Vecchio.

Milan: a city of both art and design, fashion and culture, rich with opportunities for both study and work.

Rome: the Eternal City. Centuries of art and architecture are woven into the rich tapestry that is this fascinating city.

Venice: Free of roadways and traffic, people come together «in a place that has the character of an immense collective apartment, in which Piazza San Marco is the most adorned corner».

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TANDEM cities in Argentina, Chile, Spain and Uruguay


Granada: the Alhambra's reddish hills house the Nazarite Royal Palaces.

Madrid: in Madrid, young people will enjoy leisure and fun twenty-four hours a day.

San Sebastian: la Concha, a fantastic urban beach with fine golden sand.


Santiago de Chile: Enjoy the Spanish courses in Chile offered by our TANDEM School in Santiago, the cultural and political capital of Chile.


Buenos Aires: Argentina's culture has been greatly affected by its immigrant population, mostly European. Their influence contributed to the demise of pre-Columbian cultures, resulting in the lack of a dominant indigenous population. Buenos Aires is a big melting pot of all of these cultures and has been receiving immigration from other Latin American countries, mainly from Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay.


Montevideo: Uruguay also called "South America's Switzerland", is a country that offers an incredible amount of options to enjoy nature, quietness, fresh air and stunning beaches.

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