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Are you considering to take a German course in Germany? Germany welcomes you to its big cities and the countryside, to thriving business hubs, cultural hotspots and the peace and quiet of ocean side, forests and mountain ranges. German is spoken with many different accents, come and compare!

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Why study German? – There are so many reasons...

For one, German is one of the most important languages if you want to get around and meet people. In Europe alone you will be able to communicate with over 101 million people, as German is the most commonly spoken language here.

Speaking and understanding German will deepen your knowledge of the culture and improve your employment opportunities.

The arts: German is the language of many traditional and modern writers such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Mann and Günter Grass. Next to literature, German films and music are becoming very popular.

Then there's the business side: Many international corporations are based in Germany, adding to Germany's status as a renowned international business partner with a strong economy.

Proficient language skills are necessary to open new global markets and the German language plays an important role in international business contacts. And if you look across the borders, Germans account for the largest percentage of tourists. If you work in the tourist industry or plan to do so, German is therefore an important asset.

As for science and technology, German is also the second-most commonly used scientific language.

And, not to forget, it's fun to meet us, too: The Soccer World Cup in Germany in 2006 brought many international guests to Germany, who enjoyed the warm hospitality, enthusiasm and joie de vivre that you are welcome to experience yourself when you come to Germany.

The German patchwork

Take a German course in Germany and get to know the country in all its diversity. The map of Germany resembles a patchwork rug; the sixteen federal states offer diversity in politics, economics and culture unparalleled in Europe.

From the seashores and tourist resorts of Schleswig-Holstein in the north to the Bavarian Alps in the South, the vineyards on the Rhine in the west and the Saxon heartland in the east, there is so much to explore and enjoy.

The German language alone may be reason enough for the vast number of students attracted to Germany each year; the diversity of the country and its people, let alone the gorgeous food and drinks, certainly make this country worth a visit.

Who is a typical German?

Speaking about German culture, one speaks about its versatility, too. To mention but a few, who in all their variety stand for Germany past and present, please welcome Johannes Brahms, Claudia Schiffer, Albert Einstein, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Rosa Luxemburg, Heinrich Heine, Georg Büchner, Udo Lindenberg, Thomas Mann, Sophie Scholl, Marlene Dietrich, Harald Schmidt, Franz Beckenbauer, Willy Brandt, Martin Luther, Alice Schwarzer, Günter Grass, Bertolt Brecht, Karl Marx and Otto Waalkes. Check out those you have and have not heard of and try to answer the question above.

Germany is the country where it's well worth waiting for the froth on your Pils (one of the many German beers) to settle, where its culture and history can be seen and felt everywhere. You will come across buildings and pieces of art dating back to ancient and Roman times as well as Middle Ages, and of course modern times. Numerous memorials and cultural centres remind of horrific Nazi times and its impact on Germany and the world.


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