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Travel routes will lead you through both the richness of urban settings and the natural beauty of the countryside. Italy offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the sea, the mountains and the cities, all within easy reach. Why not come on an Italian course in Italy and make a holiday on it?

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Italian is an international language

Italian, the language of art and culture, is spoken today by almost 65 million people in 30 countries. In addition to the 58 million native speakers in Italy, Italian is an official language in Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia, and a second language in 25 other nations.

In the USA alone 1.5 million people speak Italian, in Australia 680,000, with 600,000 in Canada and hundreds of thousands throughout Europe and South America.

Located in Venice, Milan, Florence and Rome, some of the most vibrant cities in Italy, our Italian schools offer an ideal atmosphere in which to learn the language and experience the culture and lifestyle of the country.

TANDEM International provides the opportunity to combine the study of Italian language with the discovery of this unique culture.

Language classes are small, creating an intimate and relaxed learning environment. Students concentrate not only on grammar, but above all practice their language skills, using Italian to communicate and actively participate in everyday situations.

Culture and the dolce vita

If you want to learn Italian then there is no substitute for an Italian course in Italy. Italy's dreamy light and spectacular landscapes seem made for romance, and its three millennia of history, culture and cuisine seduce every visitor. Studying in Italy is a unique opportunity to discover art and history while indulging in the pleasures of the dolce vita.

Italy has much to offer the student not only in terms of culture: it is a leader of higher education reform in Europe, among the first countries to promote the Common European Framework, upon which language teaching is now based.

Italian culture

Italy has long been a fertile centre of artistic and intellectual achievement. From art to science, literature to cinema and music, the influence of Italian culture has been spread throughout Europe. Italy has given birth to countless artists whose creative output can be seen as you stroll through Venice or visit the Uffizi in Florence. Whether you are taking in the Colosseum in Rome or sunbathing in Naples, within sight of Vesuvius, every city will enchant you with its history and traditions.


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