TANDEM International e.V., which is

registered as a society in Germany,

is an international association of language schools, specialising in the teaching of languages worldwide.

TANDEM International standard of quality

We promote not only language development but also cultural awareness and understanding through our language courses, which we complement and reinforce, where possible, with TANDEM Language-Learning Partnerships.

It is our common belief that we can significantly enhance cross-cultural awareness and understanding by offering a rich variety of language-learning opportunities.

We strive to offer the best value and service in our language courses and programs by meeting the needs of students as individuals and by encouraging their continuous independent language learning.

Entry Inspection

Generally two TANDEM school representatives visit the applicant language school and inspect thoroughly all aspects of its operation: administration, academic and general management, curriculum, teaching, accommodation, finance, marketing, feedback and complaint procedures.

The inspector's report is reviewed by the TANDEM International committee in collaboration with the language group. If the language school meets TANDEM International and the language group requirements, all member schools vote on the application.

We agree to uphold the Quality Standards within our schools and throughout our activities and to make these Quality Standards openly available.