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Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires: Course Types and Fees

Spanish Course Program in Buenos Aires

Academia Buenos Aires offers several types of courses and skill-levels to meet your personal needs and enhance your learning experience. All classes are taught entirely in Spanish and have been prepared specifically for foreign students.

Classes begin throughout the year. You choose the length of the course that best fits you.

Academia Buenos Aires offers Spanish language courses in different formats:

1. One-on-one classes. In this format, one of our teachers gives individual tutoring to a student. This is a very intensive format and especially suited to students who either want to speed up the learning process or show special needs.

2. Group classes. Groups are usually between 2 and 5 students. There are 9 skill levels to ensure a certain homogeneity necessary for faster learning. In case there is only one student in the group, classes take place anyway, but the amount of hours per day is reduced from 4 to 3.

3. A mix of the above two options.

Spanish courses 

Academia Buenos Aires' curriculum is compatible with the European Reference Framework for languages.

  1. Intensive group Spanish course
  2. Combined Spanish course
  3. One-on-one Spanish course
  4. Online Spanish
  5. Rio de la Plata Course
  6. DELE Exam preparation 
  7. Spanish and Tango
  8. Volunteer Work
  9. Medical Spanish
  10. Spanish for teachers of Spanish
  11. University credits
  12. Business Spanish
  13. Group Travels

Special Programs

Because our students have a variety of backgrounds and special needs, we also offer a series of customized learning programs for exchange students, business executives and college students. Enquire for further information!

  Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires
Standard Spanish Course Intensive Spanish Course
20 lessons / week - 55' 35 lessons / week - 55'
1 week 210,- USD 645,- USD
2 weeks 420,- USD 1290,- USD
3 weeks 630,- USD  
4 weeks 840,- USD  
5 weeks 1050,- USD  
6 weeks 1260,- USD  
7 weeks 1470,- USD  
8 weeks 1680,- USD  
Registration fee 50,- USD

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