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Information about Spanish courses and cultural activities at our Spanish schools of Tandem International in Spain and Latin America, students reviews, DELE exams, exhibitions in the city, language learning resources and so on.

Learn Spanish in Santiago de Chile – a Trendy Destination!

One of the first questions we ask when contemplating studying Spanish abroad is: Where am I going to take my Spanish courses? There are so many options: Buenos Aires, Madrid, Mexico City, Lima, Bogotá, Quito, Montevideo... but the truth is that today, one of the best destinations for language holidays is the city of Santiago [...]

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Online Spanish lessons with Escuela Montalbán – Tandem Granada

With online Spanish lessons you have the opportunity to learn Spanish from the comfort of your home The school offers two options of online Spanish lessons. They are available to people that have signed up for a Spanish course at Escuela Montalbán, which is a great fit if students want to prepare a bit before coming [...]

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Cidadão do Mundo: Annual Group of Brazilian students at TANDEM Madrid

Learn about this program of scholarships for foreign language learning abroad awarded by the Brazilian government to brilliant young people with limited economic resources.

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San Sebastián: Horror and Fantasy Film Festival

Approach the Horror and Fantasy Film Festival in San Sebastián and its most emblematic venue, the Principal Theatre. The streets of the city and the Principal Theatre  will become a place for party for all the fans of fantasy and terror between 28/10-3/11. The best genre films of the year, as well as exhibitions and seminars on comic and all kinds of activities that will fill the streets with color, fun and fantasy.

Summer courses with TANDEM International

Summer courses with TANDEM International. Learn German, French, Italian and Spanish

Spanish Courses and mountain biking at Escuela Montalbán

Spanish courses and mountain biking with Escuela Montalbán in Granada, Spain. The city of Granada has beautiful mountains and natural parks in its surrounding areas. The favorite biking spot for the locals is a half day ride, arriving above the city with a decent into the cave district of Sacromonte, where we can find Flamenco and tapas bars and great views of the Alhambra from this hillside area.

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Festival of the May Crosses in Granada!

In many parts of the world, especially in Spain and specifically in Andalucía, the festival of the May Crosses is celebrated. This is, in fact, one of the most popular holidays in Granada, which will take place on the 3rd of May. Year by year, Granada has been a host city for thousands of visitors from all over Spain who want to enjoy this special day in a unique atmosphere.