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Toulouse, France

Toulouse, France is a city full of history; yet it has a youthful air. Consequently, you will want to stay forever. Located in southeast France, today it is the capital of the Occitan region. Just walking around the Capitol Square with its historic center, escaping to the gardens, sampling the tapas bars or sitting with friends in the late afternoon on the banks of the river Garonne; it doesn’t take long to fall in love with the Ville Rose.

The student life of the city not only makes it a multicultural melting pot, but also is the reason you will find new people to share a variety of experiences with. It is the perfect locale to learn French while you discover a new place or boat along the Canal du Midi.

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Langue Onze proposes 6 top experiences in Toulouse, France

Cité de l’Espace

“Fantastic space museum“

Church of the Jacobins

“This elegant ecclesiastical structure is the mother church of the Dominican order”

Michel Sarran

“A no-expense-spared, food-as-art dining experience“

Le Genty Magre

“Classic French cuisine”

Jardin Japonais

“Oasis of peace in the centre of Toulouse”

Basilica of Saint-Sernin

“Saint-Sernin is the largest remaining Romanesque building in Europe, if not the world”

Discover Toulouse and learn French at the same time!

Langue Onze is an international French language school welcoming more than 900 students a year from all over the world. Its primary mission is to create an environment where the learning process flows naturally, and where adequate levels of learning autonomy are provided.

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City hopping with TANDEM International

We offer combined French courses in different locations. You can start your French course in Langue Onze, Toulouse, and continue in our partner school in Montpellier.

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France has quite a few qualities that make it the number one most visited country in the world. Gastronomical wonderlands of gourmet food, famous artists of all kinds, and stunning natural and architectural feats. There is so much to see and experience in every turn, visiting once is never enough.

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Though there are 80 million French native speakers, there is an estimated 274 million people that have learned French as a second language. Learning it is just as enjoyable as speaking it fluently, and with the language you learn the French ways of life.

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