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Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with more than 2,000 years of history. You can also find several modern areas. Located in the north of the country, it is the fourth largest city in Germany, and the strongest economic center of the region. Culture has a huge importance in the city; there are considerable museums, theaters, and cinemas, besides the Opera and the Philharmonic. Besides the wide variety of concerts, there are more than a hundred art galleries and an immeasurable quantity of old shops with antiques and treasures.

Thanks to its history, gastronomy, and the large number of media companies in the area, and its carnival, the most beautiful and famous in the country, Cologne has become one of the most visited destinations in Europe. If you are a lover of culture, this is the city where you should learn German.

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TANDEM Köln proposes 6 top experiences in Cologne, Germany


“Best view of Cologne”

Cologne Cathedral

“Germany’s most visited landmark, and currently the tallest twin-spired church at 157 meters”

The Cologne Christmas Market

“Picturesque and atmospheric”

Botanical Gardens Flora

“Amazing gardens for a stroll and relaxation in the greenery”


“Spectacular Asian styled spa with several different pools, saunas and lounge areas”


“A hidden secret, the archaeological zone of Cologne”

Discover Cologne and learn German at the same time!

TANDEM Köln offers intensive German courses, evening classes and courses to prepare certification exams. With a qualified and friendly team of teachers, the school provides students with all the necessary tools for learning or improving the German language in a quiet and communicative environment.

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We offer combined German courses in different locations. You can start your German course in TANDEM Köln and continue in one of our partner schools in Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Frankfurt, Göttingen, Hamburg and Munich.

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Germany is a culture-rich country with an extensive history and a bright society. It has abundant traditions which attract millions of visitors to Oktoberfest in Munich, or Carnival in Cologne.

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The German language often gets labeled as a very difficult language to learn. Although German is not a Romance language like some of its European neighbors, there are many benefits and unexpected surprises learning this seemingly challenging language.

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