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Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy’s most international city, is a metropolis steeped in history and Italian culture, famous for design, fashion and football. At the same time, Milan is a city full of secret histories: unlike some of Italy’s other tourist hotspots, it keeps its’ hidden treasures firmly under wraps – ready to captivate whoever discovers them. In the streets and courtyards just around the corner from it’s famous attractions, an alternate Milan waits to be discovered.

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Il Centro proposes 6 top experiences in Milan, Italy

Cathedral and Cathedral Terraces

“Milan’s famous landmark with a view from the cathedral terraces”

The Last Supper

“An icon of art history by Leonardo da Vinci (1498)”

Villa Necchi Campiglio

“Elegant town villa of the Lombard bourgeoisie with beautiful garden”

Antiques Market on the Naviglio Grande

“Large flea and antiques market – every last Sunday of the month”

Botanical Garden of Brera

“A small, hidden natural oasis in lively city life”

Excursion to Lake Como

“Relaxation at the foot of the Alps with magnificent villas”

Discover Milan and learn Italian at the same time!

Il Centro provides an excellent location, in a beautiful XVIII century building in one of the best Italian cities. Il Centro offers a unique opportunity to learn Italian in Italy, with a humanistic-affective method that places the student in the center, like other TANDEM schools.

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City hopping with TANDEM International

We offer combined Italian courses in different locations. You can start your Italian course in Il Centro, Milan, and continue in one of our partner schools in Florence, Rome, Venice and Trieste.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our discounts for combined courses!

More about Italy, Europe

Going to Italy is like a feast for all five senses. It has a rich history of famous artists, actors, and explorers, and it is an expressive culture with deep familial and ancient roots.

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Learn Italian

Millions of people travel to Italy just to hear one of the most beautiful languages ever spoken. Though Italian is considered a Romance language due to its ties to the Roman Empire, many people consider Italian a romantic language for other reasons.

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